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As globalisation accelerates, educational excellence is regarded as the core target that is being pursued by educational practitioners around the world. The pursuit of educational excellence can not only satisfy the public’s wish for quality education, but also provide strong support for economic and social development. Since the reform and opening up, historic achievements have been secured, and historic changes have taken place in China’s education, resulting in the realisation of an all-round and systematic improvement. However, educational practitioners are still facing two major problems that we need to think through and act on: 
a) how to construct a powerful nation in education and provide a good education that meets the public’s needs; 
b) how to resolve issues related to providing a good education such as unbalanced and inadequate development, to allow every child to enjoy an equitable and quality education. 
The 19th CPC Congress has comprehensively deployed the reform and development of education in the new era, charging educators in China with the historical mission of pursuing educational excellence that takes root in China, looks to the outside world, and builds an educationally powerful nation...



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Invited Speakers
Chair Professor, Department of Education Policy and Leadership; Dean, Faculty of Education and Human Development; Director, The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). He has published extensively on educational administration and leadership; and school leadership development and learning.
Qing GU
Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nottingham; Research Fellow, the Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change at the Education University of Hong Kong; Chair, The British Association for International and Comparative Education. Her research interests are teacher professional development, school leadership and improvement, and cross-cultural learning.
Dean and Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University. He is interested in such things as "How teachers learn how to teach and how they then put that into practice and develop their knowledge, skills and ability over time." A lot of his research is on this important aspect of knowledge of teaching. He has published nearly 300 academic journal articles.
Leslie N.K. LO
Distinguished Chair Professor, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University; Senior Research Fellow, The Education University of Hong Kong. He was the Founding Dean, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Director of Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research; Emeritus Wei Lun Professor, The Department of Educational Administration and Policy; Director, Quality School Improvement Project; Board member of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on educational policy, teacher education, school improvement, educational leadership, and education development in Chinese society.
Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research is in the area of moral philosophy with a focus on language, communication, civility and dialogue. Within this field of study, she focuses on the following philosophers: contemporary neo-Wittgensteinians that include Iris Murdoch and Cora Diamond; Aristotle; Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant; the English and German Romantics from the 18th Century; and John Dewey from the 20th Century.
Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia; Honorary Professor, University of Sydney; Conjoint Professor, University of Newcastle; Visiting Distinguished Scholar, Beijing Normal University. He was Dean of Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia; Dean of Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney. He focuses on literacy education, teacher development, cross-national educational research, educational assessment and equity.
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    20 June, 2018
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    30 July, 2018
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    21-23 September, 2018
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